I'm Elena, lithuanian girl living and studying graphic design in London. My biggest inspiration is architecture and design. But fashion is my passion. contact me: urbonaviciuutee@gmail.com


wishlist for a cold season

it is all about feeling warm and comfortable. these are items, that I really wanna get for autumn and winter. it should suit perfect with boyfriend jeans, oversized hoodies and funny sweaters. and of course hats... I love various types of hats, especially beanies, they makes your look absolutely different, when u are having a bad hair day, also keeps you warm! and... leather shoes, perfect for rainy days and high humidity.

by the way, I have a new obsession. it is piercings! in case of that, I can wear more and more earrings every day, that is the reason why I can buy more. ohh, I just love it!

what is your wishlist for this season?


autumn essentials

it's all about black and red. something strange is happening to me, because I wasn't a big fan of black and I never ever wore a red lipstick before, but this autumn, my style changed into edgy and rocky way. how to not wear my chunky chelsea boots, when they are so comfy and fits perfect with a black leather jacket? 
also, it is oversized sweaters and shirts season, so why not wear it with black skinny jeans.

chunky boots > office
high waisted leggings and sweater > vero moda
handbag > from market or sth like that, here, in London
lipstick > NYC, 441.
notebook > primark 
casette phone case > my friend Igne gave it to me an ages ago
perfume > miss dior, cherry

what is yours inspo for his autumn, leave a comment below


last weekend I have been thinking how my life changed in past year. ohh, I achieved so much and honestly, I am proud of myself. one year ago, I was only dreaming about moving to this huge city,  but it was just a tiny tiny dream (I've to admit, never believed, that it will come true).
I was working so hard, step by step. staying up late at nights, while learning for school, drawing Art school works, making a portfolio, searching every college and getting ready for a diagnostic exams, was my everyday routine. 
without my family and  friends back, supporting, I wouldn't be where I am now. 
they are most amazing and loving people, who gave me an aim of my life. I had alive inspiration, which never stopped me. 
talking about college and studies here, usually, it's pretty hard to understand whole system, but if you have any questions about it, I know, that some of you do have, be free to contact me. I hope, that I helped some of my readers already, so don't be shy!
and yeah, there are a few pictures of my city.


okay, I have to agree, my '6 weeks' break took much longer, than I've said. but now, I am trying to be back. I want to be back. maybe because of LFW, maybe because of my friend Martynas comment on one of my instagram shoots. maybe I just want it. 
life changes, mines changed. well, I am official London citizen now. I moved here less than 2 weeks ago to study graphic design and live in my dream city.  I always dreamt about London, but it was only a dream until I applied for college, 
reality is that living without mum and my lovely friends is so hard, that I don't want to breath sometimes. it is like 50/50, I adore London, smiling people, crowded streets and it makes me feel happy. I will deal with all sadness and grief inside my head and start calling my new home 'home'.
so as a new beginning came, new type of blog came too. I will not make anymore promises. I will just write when I want to and what I want to write about.
so welcome to my lifestyle blog about my friendship with London.

please comment something, cause I want to know what is your interests or opinion about my blog and also don't forget to subscribe!



Hey guys! I'm so sorry for not posting any outfits here. But for now, I have no time to do this. Because of art school graduation and the end of the school. Also, I have no idea, what to do with my blog. Idk how it's spose to look and etc. So, I'm so sorry that I'm stopping my blog for about 6 weeks. 
Maybe I'll write some posts about nothing or about my gym inspiration, which actually goes awesome!
If you will miss me, hehe, you can follow me on instagram @urbonaviciute for my daily photos. 
And, I strongly recommend you to go out and get fresh air, enjoy every spring moment!

love you all, xx.



Tikriausiai po pavasarinių aulinukų, nepatogių laivelių ir kitų kojas kankinančių batų, dauguma ir mūsų esame išsiilgę patogios avalynės! Kažkaip nekeista pripažinti, kad tapau absoliučia sportbačių verge ir man jų niekada nebus per daug. Deja, visai nesenai teko nusivilti. Prieš keletą mėnesių su mama užsisakėme Nike air max, be proto jų laukėme, sulaukėme, bet išpakavus - nusivylėme. Per klaidą gavome 36 dydžio, o ne 39:/ Kad ir kaip liūdna bebūtų - teks palaukti dar gerą mėnesį.. 
Pradedu galvoti apie New Balance, kaip jie Jums?

I think, that everyone after ankle boots, uggs and uncomfortable flats season, thinking about soft and comfortable shoes! It's not weird to agree, that I became absolutely sneakers maniac, and it will never be enough for me. But, recently I had disappointed. A few months ago, me and my mom, decided to buy Nike air max, so mad we're waiting for it and it came! After we unpacked it and tried it, sneakers was too small. We needed size 39, but not 36. But still, how sad it is, we have to wait for about one month, till we'll get it. 
I'm starting to think about New Balance, what do you think about it?
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